Awesome Circom

A Circom starter guide by BattleZips
We are continuously working on this until it is complete without compromising on quality for the sake of being "done". Please see the Awesome Circom Progress expandable which tracks our work on this gitbook as we mature it into the resource we promised. (Last updated 10.25.22)
Awesome Circom Progress
  • Theory <-- basically not started
  • Development <-- Current focus
    • Circom Language
    • SnarkJS <-- current focus
    • circomlibjs <-- current focus
    • circom-tester <-- todo
    • hardhat-circom <-- todo
    • Shield CLI
    • Circomspect
  • Ecosystem <-- almost done, need to add/ update more projects
  • Examples
    • BattleZips <-- not started but pretty quick
    • RollupNC <-- super close to done
    • Semaphore <-- potential for inclusion, not guaranteed
​Circom (Circuit Compiler) is a domain-specific language for designing Zero Knowledge circuits (code). With the accompanying SnarkJS library, developers can prove and verify private information on public EVM blockchains.
This GitBook was released for DevCon Bogota (10.11.22-10.14.22)
This GitBook has three sections.
Theory - What do I need to know to effectively use the Circom/ SnarkJS/ Solidity stack?
Development - How do I use the Circom/ SnarkJS/ Solidity stack?
Ecosystem - What resources exist for me to utilize?
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